Trio Blastonal feat. John King & Hans Fickelscher "It Is What It Is"

by Trio Blastonal feat. John King & Hans Fickelscher

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"Thinking about the "Trio Blastonal plus JK and HF" sessions, only two words come to mind: Pure Energy. After meeting everyone in the quintet (besides Stephan, with whom I´ve worked for years), after setting up all the gear, after getting everything in order, we began the Great Journey! Tunes came out of the air, descended onto paper, were tossed around by each one of us, and yet again ascend into the air - sucked up by the microphones and out into the world. Arrangements made then and there, immediate understanding and excitement, plunging into the swirling mass of sound and texture and soul. New freedoms openned up, ideas shared and grooves dug deeper until we were all ecstatic with the results.
The quintet of Stephan, Eberhard Budziat, Magnus Mehl, Hans Fickelscher and myself tore through the music with all we had: Pure Energy! That thrill of making this electrifying music with theses powerful, sensitive, impassioned musicians was above all fun! I feel the full spirit and sound of this meeting to be totally captured in these tunes, and I hope they settle sweetly into the ears of all listeners and as well as fly far off into the Kosmos!"
John King


released February 27, 2017

Trio Blastonal:
Eberhard Budziat - tb
Stephan Kirsch - btb
Magnus Mehl - as, ss

John King - g
Hans Fickelscher - dr

1 / 5 / 6 / 7 by John King
2 / 4 / 8 by Eberhard Budziat
3 by Stephan Kirsch

rec. 2015 @ "kleine audiowelt" by Tobias Schirmann
mixed by Markus Born



all rights reserved